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Texas Women Veterans non-profit organizationwas founded in August 2011. A group of veteran women were meeting at the Local VA’s day room and were members of a variety of other groups and organizations. They banded together and created community projects but could not get an official status in the hospital. The decision was made to start a non-profit organization that would facilitate multiple veteran groups. Meetings were held in the local VFW and American Legion facilities.


The driving force was the need to assist women veterans with reintegration and support their needs for a better quality of life. The knowledge that there were homeless women veterans with children, that women veterans were afraid to use the hospital services, that the services for veteran women were not up to par and that women veteran initiatives were not widely supported became the focus for the Texas Women Veterans (TWV) mentorship program. Knowing that many veteran women were disabled and needed to design supplemental services for themselves and connect with resources helped to form the TWV Social Entrepreneurship Program.



Ultimately, the knowledge that veterans assembling for any purpose nurtured  their thirst to be in service and therefor renewed their comradery. This was the basis of TWV and since its creation, programs inspired by its model continue emerging today.

We are dedicated to empowering women veterans and their families by providing them with the necessary support and resources they need to thrive in civilian life. In addition to mentorship, our organization aims to provide , counseling, and career development opportunities for women veterans. We believe that every woman veteran deserves a chance to succeed, and we are committed to making that happen. 



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